Fishing in Sterling, AK

Owned & operated by experienced guide Drew Petrie

The Middle Kenai is located in Sterling just north of Soldotna and South of Skilak lake. Providing gorgeous scenery and glacial water it continuously exceeds expectation. This section of the Kenai is power boat friendly allowing us to move quickly to the best fishing possible staying ahead of the curve when chasing the many species of Salmon and trout that populate the river. This is our main area for sockeye salmon fishing and Trout fishing July through August. with an average of 1.5 million sockeye salmon coming up the Kenai a year we intercept them when they are still fresh and chrome from the ocean.

The famous Kenai River Sockeye Salmon are one of the main reasons people visit the Kenai and for good reason. With massive runs of up to 2.5 million fish, Sockeye are a fantastic species to target from early July through the second week of August. Also known as the Silver Salmon, Cohos are a Kenai River favorite. Cohos are an aggressive and hard-hitting fish with acrobatics that will have you literally and figuratively reeling. Cohos start showing up in the kenai in mid to late august so make sure to book your trips early!