Kenai River Fishing Guides

Fishing Alaska’s Kenai River

Fishing on the Kenai River is an essential experience for any angler. Situated just 50 miles south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula, this river offers unparalleled accessibility and some of the finest fishing opportunities in Alaska, if not the world. Its abundance of Salmon, Trout, and Char, consistently astound even the most seasoned and well-traveled anglers. Despite all of Alaska having breathtaking areas, the allure of the Kenai River draws both locals and visitors back year after year.

Fishing Guides

Selecting a seasoned, local Kenai River fishing guide stands as the cornerstone of your fishing experience. At Lost Boys Fishing, we take pride in offering you the finest guides available. Should scheduling conflicts arise preventing us from assigning one of our in-house guides to your charter, rest assured that our network of local Kenai River guides is unparalleled. Crafting the Lost Boys Fishing guide network has been a meticulous and thoughtful process, ensuring that your experience exceeds all expectations.

Guided Fishing Locations

Anchorage, the gateway to the Kenai River, offering convenient access to transportation and supplies before your journey to the Kenai Peninsula.

EnjoyCooper Landing, less than two hours south of Anchorage, grants easy access to the Upper Kenai, known for year-round Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing. Our Cooper Landing fishing guides ensure an unforgettable drift boat experience.

FindSterling, downstream amidst towering forests and pristine waters of the Kenai River. Our expert fly fishing guides provide thrilling opportunities to catch trophy-sized trout and salmon. Off the water, visitors can enjoy a variety of lodging options and amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores, and breweries.

InSoldotna, the angler’s paradise of the Kenai Peninsula, salmon fishing enthusiasts¬† find a vibrant community and endless opportunities to land the catch of a lifetime. With our seasoned fishing guides, you’ll enjoy the finest fishing spots, ensuring an unforgettable adventure on the legendary waters.

Further south, Kasilof offers its own angling allure, with its serene waters plentiful with salmon. Our experienced fishing guides lead you to the best spots for a memorable Kasilof fishing charter.

Lastly, Kenai is steeped in fishing heritage, invites you to explore its legendary waters, where salmon run in abundance. With our knowledgeable salmon fishing guides by your side, you’re set for an unforgettable fishing trip.

Join us our team of professional fishing guides on the Kenai River this summer. Whether you are a novice or advanced angler we have a guide for you! Book Today and we can help you plan your Alaskan Fishing Adventure!