Unforgettable Kenai River Opening Day

On Sunday June 11 we enjoyed a fantastic day fishing on the Upper Kenai River in Cooper Landing. Despite battling the strong winds, we were successful in catching our limits of sockeye salmon and encountering numerous impressive rainbow trout and dolly varden while fly fishing. The beautiful setting of the drift-only section of the Kenai River provided the perfect backdrop for the start of the 2023 fishing season.

While enjoying the bountiful fishing opportunities, we encountered spawning rainbow trout in various areas. We made it a priority to approach these Rainbow Redds, the fish’s spawning beds, with utmost care and respect. Understanding the delicate nature of this time in their life cycle, we refrained from fishing in these areas to protect the trout population and ensure their success in spawing.

Our time on the Kenai River left us craving for more unforgettable moments spent fly fishing for rainbow trout and salmon. The abundance of the river, coupled with the beauty of the drift-only section, captivated us and rekindled our passion for angling. We eagerly anticipate future fishing adventures on the Kenai River, where we can continue to immerse ourselves in the natural wonders that this remarkable fishery has to offer.