Experience the Best of Spey Fishing at Mossy’s Fly Shop Spey Clave


Join us for an unforgettable day of spey fishing at Mossy’s Fly Shop Spey Clave, held on Saturday, June 10th. As first-time attendees, we were blown away by the incredible experience this event offered. With expert speakers, brand demonstrations, and a stunning riverside setting in Cooper Landing, this was the ultimate gathering for all things spey fishing.

Discovering the Best Spey Rods:

At the Spey Clave, we had the opportunity to test and compare spey rods from renowned brands such as Winston, Sage, Gloomis, Redington, and AK Rod Co. Our focus was on 7wt 13′ spey rods. After extensive testing, we identified our top favorites: the Winston AIR TH 13’3″ 7wt, the Gloomis NRX+ 13’3″ 7wt, and the Gloomis Asquith 13′ 7wt.

Among these exceptional rods, the Gloomis NRX+ stood out for its snappy and powerful performance. With a stiff backbone and a fast action tip, it offered an exhilarating casting experience, effortlessly propelling our flies into the river. The Winston AIR TH impressed us with its finesse, accurately laying out fly lines over long distances with ease. Lastly, the Gloomis Asquith, a true masterpiece, captured our hearts with its lightweight design and precision casting abilities allowing any spey angler to cast all day without tiring.

Exploring Conservation Efforts:

Beyond the rod demonstrations, we dedicated time to engaging with representatives from Trout Unlimited, an organization committed to preserving the natural beauty of Alaska and educating individuals about the Kenai River watershed. We learned about their new programs on the Kenai Peninsula and discussed various conservation efforts taking place in the area. It was inspiring to witness their dedication to protecting this valuable ecosystem.

Unforgettable Moments on the Upper Kenai River:

The Spey Clave provided us with an incredible opportunity to soak in the splendor of the Upper Kenai River in Cooper Landing. Nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, we reveled in the excitement of the event and appreciated the chance to connect with fellow fishing enthusiasts. Whether it was testing rods, enjoying presentations, or engaging in conservation discussions, the entire experience was nothing short of phenomenal.


Mossy’s Fly Shop Spey Clave delivered an exceptional day filled with thrilling moments and valuable insights into the world of spey fishing. We walked away with a newfound appreciation for the art of casting and a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving our natural resources. If you’re passionate about spey fishing, mark your calendars for next year’s event and immerse yourself in the beauty and camaraderie that awaits you on the Upper Kenai River.